RealQual: A Service from Home Point Financial that Makes Buying & Selling a Home Easy!

What is RealQual?

RealQual is a part of Home Point Financial’s commitment to help you purchase your next home FAST & EASY!

Why take advantage of the RealQual Program?

With the RealQual program, you will have a licensed Home Point Financial Underwriter review your income, credit and assets before issuing a RealQual pre-approval letter. Go to your next showing with confidence knowing exactly how much you can afford.

Please provide the following documents to receive the quickest service: 

  • Sign RealQual request form
  • Previous 2 years of Federal Tax Returns
  • Last 2 years of W2s
  • 1 month of most recent pay stubs
  • Summary of assets

To get started, call us today, toll-free at (888) 322-4141